Anniversary Diamond


Your love has grown.

Her diamond should too.

You married an amazing woman.
You’ve gone through good times and bad.
You’ve made memories that have shaped your lives.
Your love continues to grow;
show her how much with an anniversary diamond. 

Anniversary Diamond Graphic



Celebrate your ever-growing love by upgrading the center stone of her engagement ring by swapping it out with a larger Anniversary Diamond. Saslow’s & Henebry’s even has a lifetime diamond upgrade program to help with this.

Your diamond jewelry purchased from Saslow’s & Henebry’s Jewelers can be upgraded at any time in the future and the great thing is that you won’t lose any of your original investment (excluding taxes and warranty cost).

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Don't Want To Get A New Ring?

If she wants to keep the original Engagement Diamond, opt to have it put into a pendant!

She will still have the diamond she got engaged with close to her heart as a necklace, and the upgraded ring will symbolize how your love has grown since that day!

Our in-house master jeweler can work with you to make the pendant of her dreams.

Or she can keep her engagement ring unchanged with a brand new Anniversary Pendant that is twice the carat weight of her Engagement Diamond!

Twice the size has never been more affordable, save up to 40% when you choose a Lab Grown Diamond of the same size and quality. Learn more HERE.

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