Samuel B Samuel B Multi Stone Gift Set


Samuel B Samuel B Multi Stone Gift Set

Samuel B Samuel B Multi Stone Gift Set


Sets of two are priced at 20% off retail, sets of three at 25% off retail, and buy all four and save 30% off retail! 

Necklace: JSN0906

Earrings: JSE0710

Ring: JSR0001

Bracelet: JSB0523

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Name Samuel B Multi Stone Gift Set
Stock Number SAMBMSSET
Department Jewelry
Type Gift Sets

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Saslow's & Henebry's Jewelers Samuel B
Samuel B

A harmonious fusion of old and new, traditional and contemporary, nature’s wonder and man’s artistry. Samuel Behnam is an award winning New York based jewelry designer and founder of the Samuel B. Collection. Inspired by the immeasurable beauty of nature and the ancient traditions of Balinese and Thai jewelry craftsmanship, Samuel has made designing stunning jewelry his life’s work. For over 35 years, Samuel has been traveling the world and drawing inspiration from exotic locations, his love of art, and the kaleidoscope of color found in nature. From the exotic beaches and lush forests of Asia, to the crystal-clear waters of New Zealand, Samuel recognizes that the potential of nature’s bounty is limitless. Revered for his sophisticated ability to infuse contemporary design with old-world techniques, Samuel’s jewelry has a timeless appeal and honors tradition. Partnering with some of the finest jewelry artisans in Bali, many of whom are direct descendants of the Royal Court of Bali, and Thailand has guaranteed that each piece of jewelry from the Samuel B. collection embodies perfection. Each handcrafted piece of silver jewelry from Samuel B. is brought to life by hand-selected diamonds, gemstones, pearls, polished shell, and 18-karat gold ...

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