Saslow's & Henebry's Outstanding Achievement Award

What we do with our time makes us who we are – and Saslow’s and Henebry’s Jewelers has taken the time to acknowledge students in our communities who have achieved extraordinary things by putting in the extra time and effort in school.


The Saslow’s and Henebry’s Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to six local high school graduates this year. Along with a certificate of award each student received a beautiful wrist watch – a special timepiece that will commemorate the past 12 years of hard work and the vast and wonderful future that each of these students have in front of them.


For more information on this award including how your school can participate, please contact your local Saslow’s and Henebry’s Diamond Jewelers or email us at

The 2018 winners of the Saslow's and Henebry's Outstanding Achievement Award are: 

Savannah Picture

Savannah Hess

Camryn Picture

Camryn Wolff

Sarah Award Winner

Sarah A Dotson

Savannah Hess- Salutatorian of Northeastern High School's 2018 graduating class! She will be attending UNC-CH next school year!

Camryn Wolff- Falcon Pride Award Winner at West Henderson High School was also selected to win our award! 

Sarah A. Dotson- Central High School

Jay Grissom- Wilson Christian Academy 

Madaline Richardson- Fike High school

Kyia Williams- Blacksburg High School

Jonathan Leyson- Beddingfield High School