Chains and/or necklaces are the earliest form of jewelry that humans adorned themselves with. Gold chains are statement pieces, often a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Sterling silver chains are beautiful, durable, and don't cost a fortune. By definition, a chain is a series of links or rings, usually made from metal, connected or fitted to one another. Chains represent eternal love, and human connection – the eternity of circles without beginning or end, linked to other circles in a fortified way.

Chains have been around for thousands of years and are worn by all genders and ages, and given that you can work them into many different styles, they make for a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. If a classic look is what you are going for, consider a Rope or Curb chain. If you want more of a statement piece, try one of our Diamond Cut Rope chains or Cuban chains

When it comes to chains for women, many different styles come in lighter and thinner versions, but Rope chains and Figaro chains have become very in-trend because of how great they look with pendants!