Engagement Ring Styles and Shapes


Round New

Halo engagement rings are designed with a central stone that’s surrounded by a complete loop of smaller stones, surrounding stones boost the appearance of the center diamond. The sparkle of a larger stone can be created with a smaller center diamond and a halo.


Round diamond engagement rings are best suited for someone looking for a classical or traditional style that will truly sparkle, due to them having highest brilliance of all diamond cuts.


SHOval 2


Oval diamond engagement rings are perfect for someone who likes the brilliance of a round diamond, but wants something more unique. Their elongated shape also makes them appear larger compared to the same carat of alternative cuts.


Pear-shaped engagement rings beautifully combine a round-cut diamond and marquise diamond with a tapered point at one end. When worn, the diamond gives the impression of longer, more slender fingers.



Princess cut engagement rings are sparkling, modern, and glamorous all rolled into one, making it the perfect cut for those who want it all. Possessing the sparkle of round brilliant diamonds in a chic square shape, princess cuts definitely make a statement.


Emerald cut engagement rings evoke elegance, strength and modern traditions. An emerald cut is a distinctive choice of an engagement ring for a woman with confidence.



Cushion cut engagement rings feature soft, rounded edges which lend to a more romantic feel. They are sought after due to their enduring sophistication. Especially popular in halo rings and vintage inspired settings.

Solitaire engagement rings are simple, yet elegant. They are perfect for any woman who enjoys a minimalist style. The diamond is the star of the show and you can almost never go wrong with proposing with one!