Gold Buying

Get The Best Value For Your Gold Get The Best Value For Your Gold


Most Saslow’s & Henebry’s Diamond Jewelers locations* are licensed gold buyers and we are now buying:

Coins, both Silver and Gold

10kt, 14kt, 16kt, 18kt, 22kt, 24kt

Many More!

Old Scrap Gold  

Bent/Broken Jewelry

Sterling Jewelry


Payment For Your Unwanted Jewelry:

If you accept our offer you will be paid immediately in cash or with a check, it’s your choice. Need a little extra money for your upcoming vacation or holiday gifting?  Our gold buying program is perfect for you!

And if you want to use the money from the sale of your gold for new jewelry, then we will give you additional value for your gold to be used towards the purchase of anything in the store.

Saslow’s & Henebry’s Diamond Jewelers has been in the business of precious metals for 100 years. You can trust us with the sale of your gold and silver.


Safety For Your Items

We do need to view your item(s) to make an offer, so just drop by or call for an appointment. Either way, its quick, easy, and we’ll give you a free evaluation while you wait. We do test the jewelry for it’s gold content or silver content before making an offer. The evaluation and testing of the metal content is done right in front of you and your jewelry never leaves your sight. All metals are separated into the different karat/metal contents.


* - Participating Locations

North Carolina:
Elizabeth City, NC - Henderson, NC - Hendersonville, NC - Monroe, NC - Roanoke, NC - Wilson, NC;

Christiansburg, VA - Danville, VA - Lynchburg, VA - Norton, VA - Staunton, VA


Contact the nearest participating location today!