Lifetime Diamond Upgrade


Diamond Upgrade F


Your diamond jewelry purchased from Saslow’s & Henebry’s Jewelers can be upgraded at any time in the future and the great thing is that you won’t lose any of your original investment (excluding taxes and warranty cost). It’s as simple as returning the original piece and purchasing your upgraded diamond jewelry for just the difference in price!

This means the ring that you gave her last Christmas can be upgraded to a larger carat size on your next anniversary – and you only pay the difference in price between the two. It’s that easy. You don’t have to put off a purchase today to save for the future…she can wear the equity now until you are ready to upgrade.

Taking advantage of our Diamond Upgrade program is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Save your original purchase receipt
  2. When you are ready, come back and select your diamond upgrade (must be at least twice the amount you originally paid).
  3. Turn in your old diamond and just pay just the difference towards your new diamond.

Any diamond jewelry in good condition, purchased from Saslow’s & Henebry’s Jewelers is eligible for the full price upgrade credit towards any new purchase of diamond jewelry so long as you retain your original sales receipt and your upgrade purchase is at least double the price originally paid.

If your original purchase shows signs of wear and tear… no worries. Normally for a modest fee, your diamond jewelry can be refurbished like new making it eligible for our Lifetime Diamond Upgrade program.

Buy the diamond that's affordable today, and use its value towards the diamond of your dreams later!